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  • Wood University’s Mission & Philosophy

    The Wood University is the most authentic education model for wood frame construction related fields in
    Korea, raising the professional level of knowledge for the key leaders from private,
    public and academic sectors.

    We appreciate the opportunity to tell you about our programs that develop your skills and expertise to
    improve your business and career.

    The Wood University’s primary goal is to provide high quality educational opportunities to
    - members of Korean associations related to wood frame construction and wood building material,
    - member architects of the Korea Institute of Registered Architects and the Architectural Institute of Korea,
    - structural engineers and members of the Korea Construction Engineers Association,
    - government officials of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Korea Forest Service and the
      National Institute of Forest Science and
    - university professors and students in architecture and structural engineering majors.

    The Wood University is well structured to prepare the leaders of wood building industry to meet the
    challenges of these times. We have developed a unique offering of classes to meet your needs.

    “Education is not about what you learn,
    it’s about taking what you learn and making a DIFFERENCE.”

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we strive to build a world-class educational institution
    for the wood building industry.

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    Wood University & Consulting
    The Educational and Technical Resource for Wood Frame Construction